Drive on Tunis is a national WWII Reenactment that aims to provide an authentic and immersive experience of the battles of the North Africa campaign from 1941-1943. Presently we are focused on the later stage of the campaign, when most of the fighting took place in around Tunis. Our main goal is to combine the best of both worlds in this event by making it as immersive and enjoyable as possible through high authenticity standards and recreation.

When and Where

Drive on Tunis takes place in Ruidosa, TX (near big bend national park). For 2023, this event starts on March 14 and ends on March 18. Yes, this is a four-day event and most reenactors experience all four days to get the full experience.

The Long Haul

In 2022, we earned “national” status. More than half of our attendees are from outside of the West-Texas region such as New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and so on. Event staff assists all who desire to carpool or fly in together. As so many attendees come from nearly every corner of the country, it is hard to not be close to someone’s path. Contact us for assistance!


This event is a vehicle heavy and friendly event. With over 12 historical vehicles in attendance, we have the ability to utilize vehicles for their maximize potential. Vehicle owners will also be able to enjoy the luxury of actually driving, as we have 40,000 acres of land and several 10s of miles of roads to use!